We have a few terms to describe the woods that many of our products are made from. In the lumber world, there are not standards to define the different types of timber recycling. Below are the terms we have decided to use for clarity.

What is Recovered Wood?

Every year hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down in cities and urban areas for a variety of reasons - road construction, storm damage, ..etc. Instead turning these unique trees into wood chips, they are now being cut and recovered for other use in furniture and home construction.


What is Reclaimed Wood?

We associate the term reclaimed wood to refer to old or antique lumber that has been harvested from an existing structure such as a barn, factories, warehouses..etc.


Do you offer private cooking classes?

Yes. If you are interested in a private class for your family or group of friends, please use the form and contact us or send an email to hello@tanpopostudio.com


Do you make custom furniture?

Yes. If you a specific idea from piece in your home, please let us know, and if possible we can provide a quotation.